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Children's Nurturing Project

Children’s Nurturing Project has a talented and interdisciplinary staff made up of social workers, nurses, family support specialists, parenting educators, developmental specialists, and others. They utilize a home and community based approach in working with high risk families and victims to best support their needs.

Partnered Campaigns:

A campaign aimed to raise awareness of human trafficking "Modern Slavery" in California as well as to bring financial support to Children's Nurturing Project and their services for the survivors of trafficking.

Play4All Park

Play4All park is being created in Vacaville, California for Adults and Children with special needs. Including easy and all access to playground equipment, a small and large dog park, Baseball fields, Small village playground and much more!

Partnered Service:
Art Portfolio

Artist's Intituative. Our art and efforts have helped raised 2 million dollars for Play4All, our art team was able to present flyers and presentation designs for each step of fundraising.


Nature of Sound Inc is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt non-profit organization. Founded in the State of California in 2013.